Jacuzzi tips and tricks

Buying and owning a hot tub is far from easy: it is a size choice requiring some basic knowledge of the equipment. That's why most people who have made this decision have referred to professionals in the field so as not to make a mistake. You want to use a hot tub too, but are new to the subject? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

How to choose your jacuzzi

On this site, you will finally have the necessary knowledge to choose your jacuzzi. The first thing to take into account is its use. Indeed, there are several types of spas on the market and their use is not always the same. The second thing to think about is how to install it, especially if it is a built-in spa: indoors or outdoors. If it is installed indoors, it is much more complex, as it would require a floor strong enough to support the weight of the tank and the water once it is filled. Special attention must also be paid to the ventilation of the room as well as the humidity.

Aside from installation, the purchase of a spa is not limited to the equipment in question. It is also important to budget for accessories to take advantage of specific options.

How do I install a spa ?

Once you have chosen your hot tub, installation is the second step. If you have chosen a portable or inflatable spa, then you will only have to follow the installation manual, which is usually easy. However, if you have chosen an in-wall spa, the installation is much more complex. It is recommended that you contact a professional to take care of the various work: soil investigation, electrical installation, plumbing, and other required installation standards, etc., and therefore plan a higher budget.